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The Kitchen

Poshor family is famous for their breakfasts. Now it is your turn to join us! We invite you to make the best of the garden, lazy out in the fresh summer air, saying good morning to a new day with an exquisite breakfast prepared with fresh produce.

You must absolutely taste father Osman Poshor's home-made, sun matured jams & marmalades…all prepared naturally from fruits under the Aegean sun. More than 30 kinds... a real experience waiting for you.
And also on our table will be the best olives of Alaçatı, Ayvalık and Akhisar, all famous with their olives, a good selection of both local and traditional cheese, local ricotta (lor), local fresh produce of tomatos, green peppers, seasonal fruits…., a selection of stone-oven breads, Turkish style sesame bagel (simit), always freshly squezed orange juice and during the season pomegranade juice, house speciality pastry (börek) filled with greens of the season, ricotta cheese, lentils…., Incirliev style pan cake with ricotta cheese and crispy butter , and so on…., a surprise for each morning, the only thing missing is you!
Everyday afternoon-tea, is the compliment of the House, accompanied with special tastes fresh from Incirliev kitchen.