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Alaçatı region called "Agrilia" in ancient times, was right at the center of the region of historical Ionia. Ancient Ionian cities located the nearest to Alaçatı were the present-day village of Ildırı(Erythrai), the island of Sakız (Chios) and the part of Urla(Klazomenai) called İskele today. Early Ottoman sources refer to Alacati as a 'Yaya-Musellem' type of village, which was a type of army settlement founded across the empire in the 14th century. The town derives its name from the clan of 'Alacaat' whose members were settled here by the Ottomans.
Alacati itself was founded around 1850. For years Alacati slept as a small farming village forgotten by time with the village keeping much of its character, and beauty. Today Alacati is one of Aegean Turkey's up-and-coming holiday getaway havens.
The Alaçatı center is located at a short distance from the sea and lies at an average altitude of 16 meters. The town is surrounded to its north by the locality of Ilıca (2,5 kms), famous for its beach and thermal waters, to its south by the port of Alaçatı (3 kms) where windsurfing clubs are located, and to its west with Karadağ heights covered with olive trees and, since more recently, with vineyards. Alaçatı is only 155 km from world famous historical Ephesus.

Explore & enjoy the seasons...
Alaçatı's narrow streets of cobbled stone are garnished with renovated single- or two-storey stone houses, alongside charming sidewalk cafes, restaurants and boutiques. This historic architectural tissue makes Alaçatı the best preserved town in Aegean Turkey.While Alaçatı is quite busy during July and August, one can enjoy more quiet and peaceful Alaçatı during Spring and Autumn months as a warm extended summer.

Alaçatı waters...
• Alaçatı has a number of unspoilt white sandy beaches, lovely bays and a selection of exclusive beach clubs for your choice.
• Alaçatı is one of the top windsurfing centers of the world, with a variety of windsurfing schools & facilities. Kite-surfing, sea kayaking, and Stand-up pedalling also available.
• There are many thermal waters and healing mud baths that you can experience in the Çeşme peninsula around Alaçatı, from modest service natural settings to world-class spa treatments.

Alaçatı tastes…
• Alaçatı is top gourmet destination with a selection of local and fine restaurants for al fresco dining, tastes of both traditional Aegean cuisine as well as more modern dishes prepared with local herbs & produce. A nice variety of wineries and vineyards are available in the surrounding region.
• An experience not to miss is the wonderful Saturday market and the daily fish auction open to public.
• Alaçatı Herb Festival every year in April, and the Forgotten Tastes Festival held twice a year (June, October) clelebrate the special local tastes and traditional dishes of the region.

Alaçatı arts & activites
• Alaçatı is the home to many galleries, creative artists and artisans, and offers a colorful experience with its antique shops, designer boutiques and local traditional products.

Alaçatı environs
• Alaçatı is perfectly situated to explore the region, with nearby trips to Ilıca bay beaches and thermal waters, Çeşme peninsula, Ildiri Erithyrai ruins, Dalyan village with fish restaurants , Karaburun bay and İzmir.
• Essential day trips are to south to Selçuk and Ephesus, one of the best preserved Greco-Roman cities on the Mediterranean, thr House of Virgin Mary in Selçuk and north to Bergama and the ancient Pergamon ruins.
• Daily or longer trips are also possible to the Greek island of Chios.