Our measures against Covid-19. Detail


Dear Guests,

In İncirliev, health, wellbeing and safety of our guests and our team members are our top priority. We have opened İncirliev on 16 th May, 2008. Since then we kept it open all year around for 12 years. We have closed it down for the first time on 18 March, 2020 due to Pandemic, just to be able to perfectly host you again as you deserved.

We are opening İncirliev on 18 June, 2020 complying with theGovernment requirements for Covid 19 Pandemic. We are working with full energy to provide you safe and happy holiday as before.

We are eagerly waiting to see you again in İncirliev, having your breakfasts in the morning and afternoon teas in our garden, under the fig tree or almond tree, or trying new collection of Osman Poshor’s home made jams he produced during Pandemic lock down. Stay healthy and with love.

Pandemic Precaution Plan for İNCİRLİEV Hotel

The coronavirus plan responsibility for our small hotel located at the address of Çeşme Alaçatı Mahallesi 13 076 Street, no 1; are with Murat Tör (0554 555 6518) and Sabahat Poshor (0532 674 0229).

The closest health institution to our facility is the No.2 Çeşme Public Family Health Center. Its address is Tokoğlu Mahallesi 11 003 Street, and it is located across the Alaçatı Market Place Mosque. The phone number is: 0232 716 8008.

The Hotel’s Pandemic Prevention Plan has been prepared in accordance with the principles of the 02/06/2020 dated No.8680 Circular of the Directorate General of Provancial Administration under the Turkish Republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.

All the methods and standards etc. to be used for cleaning and disinfecting all the spaces in our facility, the materials to be used, the protective equipment to be used while on duty, how these equipment are to be used and how frequently they will be changed and disinfected, all of these have been determined by the cororavirus responsibles.All the details have been shared with the related facility personnel through specific trainings. All of the personnel, adhere to the social distancing and hygiene rules and continuously use mask/face visor within the facility and have Hygiene Certificates, and continue to take theoretical and practical trainings as needed.Heat temperature is taken for all personnel every day when they enter and exit the facility, and are all recorded on the Personnel Temperature Follow-Up Chart.In addition, all the activities of the personnel are tracked via a Personnel Follow-up Chart.

Our facility has two entry doors in total, one of which is from the garden and Hygiene Doormats have been placed at the entrance of both these doors. In the general use areas, hand disinfectants, hygiene bin and special markings for social distancing have been placed.The cleaning and disinfection operations for the general use areas including the Reception/Lobby, the garden and the Breakfast areas, are all tracked via the Area Follow-up and Audit Chart.

At the Reception, Hand Disinfectants as well as single use masks have been provided for our guests as needed.Our guests are informed regarding these issues and they fill and sign the Covid19 Information Form. A guest who shows the symptoms of the illness is taken to the bench at the designated Quarantine Corner in our front garden and ALO184 line is called to give the necessary notification. A maximum of 1 personnel works at the Reception at any point in time.

The Room Cleaning&Disinfectant Chart is used to record and track the cleaning and disinfecting operations in the rooms, as well as which personnel and timing of all operations. The check-out time of a guest who has completed their stay is 11.00 am and the guest check-in has been set as 15.00 pm.Upon the guest’s check-out, firstly the room is fully aired by opening all the windows and the doors of the room, then the cleaning personnel enters, applies the general cleaning and disinfecting operations and finally completes the room’s preparations for the new guest check-in.Daily room maintenance is provided as per the request of the guests.A maximum of 1 personnel works in the cleaning of the rooms.

Our laundry is done at Kartopu Laundry Facility, washed at 60-70 Degrees C, dried at 90 degreec C and ironed at 160-170 degrees C and delivered to our facility stretch wrapped.

All the cleaning and disinfectant products used in our facility are Eczacıbaşı products approved by the Minsitry of Health.

Cleanliness and hygiene are the most important qualities for food & beverage preparation and storage in our Kitchen.We have also already made our application to obtain the ISO 22 000 and HACCP Certifications.

The acceptance of goods deliveries from outside are also done in accordance with the principles of Using Masks, Social Distancing and Hygiene, and are tracked via the Goods Receiving Chart.

We have built a transparent panel in front of our Breakfast buffet, and the food on the buffet table will be served by our designated personnel as per the requests of our guests.The bread and the utensils are served inside paper packages and the tables will be disinfected right before the use of each guest with a single use cloth. Salt, pepper and sugar will be served in single serve packages at the tables.All our tables are placed in accordance with the 1.5 m social distancing rule and disinfectant/cologne is provided at each table.3 personnel works during the service of Breakfast.And should the full number of rooms exceeds 6 rooms, our current breakfast hours of 9 00-12 00 will be rescheduled to operate two shifts as between 9 00-10 30 and 10 30- 12 00.

Our only request from our guests is to abide by the rules of using Masks, Social Distancing and Hygiene for a safe and enjoyable vacation. Thank you for your understanding and abiding by the rules.