The Story of Incirliev

Located in Alaçatı's Yeni Mecidiye neighbourhood, with its aged stones and ripe fruit trees fully enjoying the sun, İNCİRLİEV's story goes quite a long way back.
It all started with a book that the family's mom Sabahat Poshor read in 1995.Peter Mayle's Hotel Pastis set in Provence at once planted the seeds of a small hotel idea in Poshor family. Father of the family Osman Poshor, famous for climbing Çeşme trees to hand-pick the fruits he worships, not to mention those wild mulberries, and making delicious jams under the Aegean sun, especially loved this good-humored coastal town - may be because it reminded him of his hometown Zonguldak with its strong winds and rough sea.
After 10 years, dreams and memories all came together and alive in İNCİRLİEV. Poshor family was conquered by the wild mulberry tree in the garden as well as the historic fig tree under protection, which gave the hotel its name. Due to the Aegean roots of the family from the mother side, Poshors have been passing their summers in Çeşme & Alaçatı since the '80's- and so these towns inspired them to make their dream come true. It was love at first sight with this old Greek stone house, set in the midst of the cozy neighborhood, village life and many friendships. Staying loyal to its architectural origins, the stone house was renovated as İNCİRLİEV and brought a new excitement to the Poshor family. Daughter Elif Poshor , taking time-off from work to enjoy more personal projects, has been actively involved in the preparations. And the son Can Poshor, based in London loves Alaçatı, and comes down and supports the family during high season
We all welcome you to share the joyful and tranquil atmosphere of Poshor family's İNCİRLİEV…